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Around the water cooler / Re: Charlie luze mia...
« Last post by Zozen on Today at 07:12:59 AM »
Prayers to him and his family.
Around the water cooler / Charlie luze mia...
« Last post by Thymorical on Today at 12:31:46 AM »
Should pray for this dude. He is missing off that boat uss McCain.
the main reason ppl love game of thrones so much is because there is so much pk every season
pk was illegal anyway even if brought back so why bring it back :p
the gods killed suf's :'(
The mud population hasn't been reduced so many bitches playing right now you wouldn't believe. I havnt loged in to check but I'm sure there is at least 40+ people on atm maybe more during prime hours.
General Discussion / Re: Oh how the mighty have fallen
« Last post by kielmobile on August 21, 2017, 03:32:20 PM »
i feel like the hound could've saved him, but he pussied out from a little bit of fire. it wasn't even that much.

no one knows what it's like
to be the bad man
to be the sad man
behind blue eyes
General Discussion / Oh how the mighty have fallen
« Last post by blackmagus on August 21, 2017, 02:19:10 PM »
Having being denied ownership of the game by recent PK changes, RISE struggles to assert it's domination through .. plot spoilers! Haha

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yo buddy
Jon and his crew get stuck beyond the wall, daenarys comes to rescue her with her dragons, the knight's king throws an ice spear and kills one of her dragons to the shock of everybody, but daenarys, jon and the crew make it back to eastwatch safely, then the knight's king resurrects the dragon and the episode ends with him having an ice dragon. Also, thoros of myr dies to a polar bear
tether thief bombing? ... hmmm ... ... ... eddie where you at. hopefully they're not at sanction. oh there's the beholder. bye eddie. lol
This game is so worthless right now,  good wipe guys.  lmao.  what a pointless game with no pk.  to go on over 1 month with it still like this is even more brain dead..  good job
Tether is a utility spell now that PK is gone.
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