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General Discussion / Re: Fun Arctic Trivia/History
« Last post by Heo on January 19, 2018, 03:39:20 PM »
I joined in high school because a few of my buddies were playing.

We all got addicted pretty fast.  A few joined Renshai, so I did as well, played Aran (not corey), Demos, Lebo, Heo, Hernando, etc.  I wasn't quite as anti-pk as some of the others, so figured out some PK triggers and spread them around and started going after randomers who saw Renshai as the ideal clan to attack (not that I disagree, was kind of a juicy target).  I specifically remember Paradox and Paradocks, both of whom I appreciated.

Renshai started to grow in power/numbers a bit, which meant we were popping better eq and pissing off some of the other clans, most often BSP as Carnage.  Obviously we couldn't stand up to them too much, but allying with wild and helping their numbers as spacefillers was a win for both of us and kept BSP from demanding equipment at will.  Diplomacy with the dane brothers was always pretty respectful.  Started leading a bit more and a similar clan called RoT had formed, led by a guy named Fang.  They seemed to be pretty friendly with Carnage/BSP.  At some point they attacked one of us, leading to these two battles.  Renshai could not pop a ton of eq at will, and I was worried people would quit if we lost, so was extra careful.

Resulted in these two fights:

Syndicate, basically shriners and fury, then ambushed Renshai in Graknar:

After that we had to do skirmishing and ambush tactics just because we didn't have the eq or spells to go at them toe to toe.

With Syndicate, odds were tough because one of their members was Yants, a loveable guy I'm sure, but also a rampant cheater with Overlord access.  The plan was this, have our allies RoT hit Syndicate in shadow and kill one, enough to really piss them off.  I had them wait at a no-recall room that autodegrouped (TOT) and lagged I think, with wild and renshai waiting in the menu to come in and attack.  Unfortunately, Fuhr looted himself with a wizinvis imm, then opened up some portal so they would be able to enter unlagged and grouped, plus Wild had forgotten to rent in Neraka.  Best laid plans...

It was a temporary win though, because I think Aristox then deleted Yants/Fuhr's imm, or at least admonished him for rampantly cheating.  At some point we snagged Gazer I think.

Later, we as we were warring Fury, Matt and I discovered an interesting zone feature where Lord Curston in Tant responded oddly to flags.  We honestly did not think of it as a zone bug, just an odd zone feature.  We were able to take advantage of it, but sadly did not get away with the Onyx Shield...

After that at some point Wild attacked us (actually, Ie/Will/Exupery, who I had initially recruited to Renshai, but then had left to Wild when we got him prism).  It was probably an "out of boredom" attack.  We tried to come at them by doing a two group mass log, but eventually we got owned.

Also, we killed Rudra for his Cyan chainmail nobash.  That was fun.  Sadly the link on wayback is dead :(.

After that, I forget why exactly, but a bunch of clanmates pissed me off so I said eff it, fight your own war, and quit for a while.  I think Renshai was then lead by Tikk and fought shining force for a bit.

Bounced around in BSP and Wild a little bit in years after that, but was in college and not playing quite as seriously. 

Recently came back to have a little fun and relive some nice nostalgia.

General Discussion / Re: Fun Arctic Trivia/History
« Last post by Jorake on January 19, 2018, 01:35:53 PM »
I sent you a message joe!
General Discussion / Re: Fun Arctic Trivia/History
« Last post by Kuss on January 19, 2018, 10:14:13 AM »
Miss you too, John. I'm back for the time being.

I think anyone who played pre-2000 would tell you Morgion was their favorite overlord.

Lots of imms had fun quirks back then. Morgion singing, and Morgion roulette. Flint was fun, but was dry in terms of humor since he was a geologist irl, I'm pretty sure. Not nearly as fun as Randy Marsh

Mahasamarahu, Gloove and Ned rank among my favorite imm's. Just for originality and fun characters.
General Discussion / Re: Fun Arctic Trivia/History
« Last post by Jorake on January 19, 2018, 08:00:11 AM »
bapt off joe. Message a motherbapter before I come find and pull you down a flight of stairs by your beard.

Also. My first clan was Renshai. I think Shadow(bsp)? Was the most dominant clan when I started.

I always thought Aristox created the game for whatever reason. Dudes just always been a fixture.

Memorable moments ..  the big 20vs10 battle of Brandon clan and others forming with bsp to take on wild. AND Outlaws vs a shaky staircase. Never have I seen 10 complete sets of eq change hands so efficiently.

General Discussion / Re: Fun Arctic Trivia/History
« Last post by Kuss on January 17, 2018, 02:35:29 PM »
I started about 20 years ago, Rafo would know even more than me since he led me to this game in high school.

First clans I knew of were Shriners, but the Dark Brotherhood was the dominant clan when I started. I think both Lucas and Kimmo were in it. 

Aristox gets a baptton of credit for taking the game this far.

Pretty sure every nobash has been discovered, there's such a coveted few.

As for zones with most deaths, i have no idea. I do remember when Gilean's spire and Pax  first went in. We had 20+ people in Gilean's and yank using a dragon orb to wall of force the trackers.
General Discussion / Re: Arctic logs
« Last post by Kam on January 17, 2018, 02:00:44 PM »
Oh here goes a few hours of my life digging through this treasure trove.
General Discussion / Arctic logs
« Last post by kanu on January 16, 2018, 01:59:31 PM »
Hi all,

I was bored so I went into the Wayback machine and found a snapshot of Suf's site from before it was taken down. I dumped the logs I found into this folder:

None of the links within the files work and there's no organization as of yet, but I zipped up the files and added them to an file at the top of the folder in case someone wants to take this to the next step and find a useful way to organize these files so that people can access these logs later.

Development News / Re: Forums Update
« Last post by Kam on January 15, 2018, 10:03:08 AM »
They were - in accordance with the laws of Arctic as set forth by our secret Maza Nosta overlords - backed up in triplicate.
Development News / Re: Forums Update
« Last post by Nostramazos on January 15, 2018, 09:40:03 AM »
As long as the important posts, mine, were kept, we are fine. Or else...pwipe.

General Discussion / Fun Arctic Trivia/History
« Last post by Heo on January 13, 2018, 11:24:42 AM »
I was thinking the other day it might be fun to have a thread on random Arctic trivia. Just fun random snippets from back in the day for me to read while I'm eating lunch or something.

Like, how did this game get started? 

- Which were the first clans to get formed?

- Who have the main overlords been?  When/why did they take over?

- Random zone trivia - why is the mystic queen Christine Cramer, seems strange for mob to have full name, did he have a teacher/crush/wife or something with that name?

- How many no bash items out there that nobody has discovered?

- What zones have the most deaths or playtime?

Always thought it was a bummer that Suf's old logs went down, would be fun to have some interesting stuff on here from time to time as Arctic enters her twilight years.
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