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Game Ideas / Re: Welfare for Weaker player.
« Last post by Bryton on Today at 11:20:36 AM »
There should be rent subsidies for those that don't like to pve or don't have the time to play as much. Which should be paid by those that put in more time to zone and loot coins.
Game Ideas / Re: Safe Spaces! And Public Transportation.
« Last post by Bryton on Today at 11:13:58 AM »
Better yet give everyone the teleport spell.
2 - Complete opacity of item and character stats. Just sit and think for a minute about the ridiculous database you have assembled in your heads of item locations and stats, and think for a minute what it's like to be a new player who doesn't have that. You're all bitching about PK at legendary rank of limdam limit-1 EQ, but imagine being a total newb and having to climb that mountain for the first time. I remember precisely jack and shit about what items have what stats. I can barely remember what makes decent rolling gear in Balifor, and that's about it. I find a sword in a shop. I wonder if it's good. I pay 55 coins for the privilege of learning what its dice are. Oh shit, now I have to lore it. Oh shit, that lore told me nothing because I don't know what those codes mean. I still don't know how it stacks up because I don't know any of the meta. Is 3d4 still a good LB? In short, I picture myself trying to figure out how to Paladin or DK and rebuild this massive mental database of 8800 items ranging from consumables to armor and weapons, and none of it follows a useful naming convention of any kind, and all the tedium and frustration that requires and I'm just like... nah. And don't get me started on all the hidden stats like 'learn' that I barely know a thing about because they're super duper secret.

You may want to try Lorebot, it's an easy to use lore database.
Currently it houses 4,815 lores accumulated since 2003.
Commands are as simple as

Code: [Select]
!stat bronze.shield
Lorebot link:
General Discussion / Re: The Grind
« Last post by Homard on Today at 08:02:47 AM »
I've been casually playing on and off since the beginning.  I only played one wipe with a 'major' clan and I enjoyed it.  One thing that struck me when I started going into more 'elite' zones with a big clan was how little gear popped.  I always thought the lack of gear was just because I was slumming around in common casual zones.  I haven't played beyond level 15-20 the last few wipes because I don't have the time for the upper level grind.

My biggest frustration in this game has always been the knowledge that at one point, the guy I just spent a week figuring out how to get to and kill probably has a whole lot of interesting gear but I'll never see any of it because it's all rented away to keep anyone else from using it.  PK was never my thing, but I did my best to defend myself and I think PK belongs in the game and adds significantly to the atmosphere.  It amazes me how a few on the mud have the mentality of 4 year old preschool bullies though.

  I would like to see all items go no limit with smaller load percentages.  Make them decay quicker based on eliteness.  I'd also like to see all items a little more abundant.  Why not clan wars with more elite items in play?  People will game them and fight when they know it isn't going to cost them weeks to get it all back to fight again.  You might even get 3 or 4 clans geared in a wipe for more warring.  Everyone fights over the shinies so why not give the crowd what they want.  Worst case scenario is you go back to the way it's always been (incredibly gear restricted with everything deep rented) on the next wipe.  Best case is people have fun (fun makes new players stay) and stick around and create mayhem.

  Finally, some sort of a "fuel tank" for items could solve deep renting.  Items need to actively be getting rank xp to prevent decay.  If they're not actively played, they quickly go kaput.  Deep rent is the bane of all casuals, which a lot of us 30-40 year olds are now, and prevents a lot of casuals from becoming more hardcore.

  Thanks to the mud staff for keeping the game going since my early days in '93.  I hope Arctic can keep weathering the storm.
General Discussion / Re: The Grind
« Last post by Dagda on Today at 07:04:59 AM »
Those are all great points Andy. I hope that this is taken into consideration, legend is great but the grind is too much for casual players - and as such casual players get left out of experiencing content. Frankly, legend should involve a quest for each class that requires going to certain zones and beating them - if you want them to have all of the skills superbed, then limit the grind for the annoying skills or eliminate those annoying skills from legend requirements.
Representation: Came to this game super late and played for a couple years recently, but stopped.

Hello! Randomly looked up arctic out of nostalgia and decided to post after I saw all the drama and a Terk thread.

I loved that arctic has PvP. Not that I ever really did any PvP and when it happened I pretty much was horrible at it. But I liked that at any moment, someone could appear, and pk me. It made the game so much more tense, exciting, and unpredictable. Plus there would be all this player drama, alliances, spying, etc. Then again, I am probably not the typical player ... I most liked reading descriptions, figuring out zones, trying to figure out the minimum number of people necessary to do a fight/zone/puzzle, and generally chatting with people. Plus I never actually had good enough equipment to warrant getting pked.

Anyway ... not very helpful but just wanted to say hi :)

Oh almost forgot ... I played characters named Neyman, Efron, Politis, and some others. Basically if it was statistician's name it was probably me.   
Game Ideas / Safe Spaces! And Public Transportation.
« Last post by Master Mike on Today at 12:54:56 AM »
Some of our peacerooms are not safe enough. We need to not only insure our community is safe in these rooms but expand the peacerooms to entire towns and highways. Toll houses need Guards for goodness sake!

And we need 24hour immortal intervention of any thieves or bandits! they must be stoped!

Last off! we need free public transportation. it is completely unfair that just because someone else has more movement points then me can walk from Tarsis to Balifor and I must stop and wait at the apple tree for more movement points!.
I say allow all to have unlimited movement points so that we can no longer be stuck unable to grind mobs.
Game Ideas / Re: Bow Regestration.
« Last post by Master Mike on Today at 12:42:37 AM »
We need a list of those who loaded these bows!
General Discussion / Re: Terms of Engagement: #1 When should PK be allowed?
« Last post by Soma on July 23, 2017, 06:05:15 PM »
Casual unknown player since 95ish.

I love the PvE side of Arctic and have always tried to avoid the PvP side.  I've had only a handful of level 30 characters, mostly because it gets more challenging to group at the higher levels without someone getting paranoid you are the enemy.  "Who are you?"  I'm just a nice guy that wants to battle some text dragons.

I introduced two non-mudding friends to Arctic earlier this year and they loved it, but neither fact that it was unrestricted PvP.  I let them know about these changes and we agreed to play together again soon.

I'm very excited to see the staff considering some changes to curb PvP.  I would love to see PvP as completely optional or turned off.  I'm sure there will be challenges associated with these changes, but I hope we give it a shot and do our best to work through those challenges.
General Discussion / Re: The Grind
« Last post by Rinad on July 23, 2017, 04:07:11 PM »
Bryton's got a great point.  Here's my .02 on this.

1.  In the past, I've wasted months of my life grinding day in and day out and I had like 5 legend characters last wipe.  My wife hated me playing for hours on end.
I had decent/limited equipment and ran most of the high-end content.  After spending a week or more on skilling and nothing else (lore, mend, etc), I still wasn't legend.  I started a thread and next thing skills got revamped.   It was a good change for the most part.  However, Bryton's right about certain skills taking way too long and the ones that are somewhat pointless otherwise.   Note- I wasn't working a lot and had endless time to play, so it wasn't a big deal to grind out the exp/ranks/etc.

2.  This wipe I am lucky if I get a few hours a week to play or on weekends.   With the 8 man groups and just lack of time to play, I'm still level 26 and slowly gaining.  I get left out of groups for other higher level chars/legends, which once you hit a certain point, soloing is not as fun and I log to play in groups with my friends and with the limited free time I get, if there is no room, I then usually log out and go do something else with my time. I notice if others are doing the same it lessens the playerbase considerably. 

3. Spamming the same 4-6 zones for a cleric/mage/druid/shaman spell takes away a lot of my desire to play.  I want to learn new stuff, but we're always chasing the same repops/spell hunting and frankly, I get bored as hell running dko/tot/storms/mom etc over 100x each wipe.  Only to do it again when someone legends and makes a new char, which leads to my next rant.

4. Soon as people legend, due to the time it takes to get there and the fact that legend races rule over most other races (except I feel casters don't get as much love, but that's another discussion), most either retire their chars and make a new one which starts the process over or they quit.   Then next thing you have is one guy with 3-4 stacked chars, since he has unlimited time on his hands and as a result, the slow guy (ie the one with less time to play) isn't geared at all.  It makes playing here less fun and I'm sure others as well get bored to the point where they quit 2-3 weeks in or take a few months break. 

So my suggestions to fix this: 
1.  Make the experience tables a tad smaller or fix some of the zones to be more balanced in ranks and exp.  Example: Deep Mines vs Tantallon.  Deep mines has way more ranks/exp per mob for the difficulty versus that of Tantallon.  Sorinthalas is another one that needs some rank love.     

2.  Make ranks refresh more often or make more mobs rank.   Fix the load rates on books so we don't have to run the same damn zones over and over to the point where I hate them and log at the mention of running them.   

3.  Keep the load rates the same but make the rent decay/decay timers less. So instead of 1000 tics make it 300 tics to decay or if the item is deep rented make it decay faster. This gives the smaller clans/players an actual chance to pop elite/limited items.  Don't keep the timers on the gear the same, that way elite gear won't all decay exactly a month in and then it makes it harder for a person to only log when he knows all his gear will be decayed at the same time.   Keeping it in rent and not being used in the game.  Part of the allure is being able to see the gear in use and not deep rented.

4. Skills have been fixed once, but again I feel most classes need certain skills revamped anyway, yet again another topic to be discussed and I'm open for others opinions and ideas on how to improve this.

That's all I got for now.  I hope I didn't ramble too much. Maybe someone else can chime in with some other reasonable suggestions.

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