Author Topic: possible returning player: Reading that pk damage has been reduced to nothing?  (Read 175 times)

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Hello all,

Returning player who dabbled a few years ago but originally played during the great days of the original rangers and pzars of yore....

I'm reading on the forums that pk is nearly impossible now?  Granted ,PK got a bit annoying the last time I tried a few years ago, but PK was a core part of this mud.  I'm very sad to hear that.  Is this permanent?


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PK has been reduced to a quarter of what it was and there's nothing saying that organized PK in tournaments wouldn't be fully restored.

What was nerfed was the singular ability of a person, clan or clan(s) to singularly ruin someone else's experience by griefing.


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I'd be down to help run a  pkill tourney.